What are the rankings Faraday, God, Newbie etc...

... and how are those ranks stacked?
I see there are a few ranks higher than God (!)
Quite possibly a meaningful statement.


  • Newbie: 0
  • Jr. Member: 50
  • Full Member: 100
  • Sr. Member: 250
  • God Member: 500
  • Edison Member: 1000
  • Faraday Member: 2500
  • Tesla Member: 6250
  • Shannon Member: 10000
  • Brattain Member: 15000

I’ll be glad to leave the Tesla ranking. He did some good work but all the pop hype/myth surrounding him is super annoying.

Trumpy Member: 10,000,000,000

Oooohhh Bigly yuuuge LarryD...do you get bigerer stars too :wink:

One star only.

...but MUCH smaller hands

...but MUCH smaller hands


@pert, 10000 posts. leaving Tesla ranking :slight_smile:

Woohoo! It won't feel real until the first time a confused newbie thinks that's my user name.

Well Shannon, it's nice to see some women on this site! And I really like your Cryptid books!