What connector, looking for search words.

I got one of these to try out and I dunno how to find nice snap-on cables.
These are the 4 white and 1 red connectors along one edge of the board.

The pins are too small and close for female jumpers. These look like connectors I’ve seen on floppy drives. I’d hate to cut away the plastic and solder if I can find the right parts.

Look for JST female connectors. There's a bunch of those.

Google is your friend.

Look for JST female connectors.
There’s a bunch of those.

Google is your friend.

I needed a name like JST. Hard to google “looks like this”, KWIM?

I see 2.54mm and 2.0 mm… these are smaller than my 2.54 mm jumpers.

Actually I’m not finding what I need in either assorted cables or cable kits; 2, 3, 4 & 5 pin female 2/0 mm JST. The connectors are already on the boards, I need cables. Mostly I see 2.54 mm / 0.1".

I don’t see enough choices but I do see crimp pins and I should have at least 1 crimp tool from the past.

DX seems to have them (kits with male sockets, and female counterparts already fitted to some wires). Go to the page you linked to, and on top you'll find a search bar (next to their logo). Enter JST there. I'm not certain these are an exact match, but they do look to be so at a first glance.

They call them JST XH connectors. JST XH gets you some results at RS components too. I sure hope you won't need to get a crimp tool for these, they're a real deal breaker.

Not sure if these are for that crimp, not to bad of price:


The XH seem to be 2.54 mm, PH 2.0 mm.
The connectors on the first post have an opening between the latchy type things, XH doesn’t seem to have that, PH does.

So now i think you should look for JST PH.

dipmicro.com has these connectors and female contacts:


I have all different sizes. The problem I have is not knowing what tool to use to secure the female contacts to wire leads. I solder them and that sucks.