What IDE to use for 8051

I know it is off-topic here but I don't know where better to ask. For "education" I want to try to make a small project with a 8051 family chips (there is some DIY clock kit using AT89C2051 - I would like to reprogram it). AFAIK 8051 family is not supported by either Arduino IDE or Atmel Atudio 7.0 I am using. It seems the "go to" IDE is Keil but the cheapest license I have found was something like $2,000. Quite expensive for a single hobby project. If someone here is using 8051 family what tools are you using for it?

may be using the "Small Device C compiler"

Hi !!

  1. Long time ago I've used Keil's IDE (µVision=C51) , evaluation version (2KB limited) with AT89C2051 chips (2KB Flash) First class C compiler for a chip not very C friendly.....

Still available ? Maybe :https://www.instructables.com/8051-Programming-Using-Keil-UVision-IDE/

  1. IAR Embedded workbench for 8051 is 4KB limited .... and 14 days limited :worried:

  2. Here is the Winckenhaûser µC/51 , 8kb limited demo (never used)

  3. SDCC as full and free fallback path....

Atmel USED to have a "AT89LP Developer Studio", but I don't see it anywhere on the Microchip site (in spite of the fact that Microchip has now acquired several companies with 8051-like product lines. Hmmph.) (This used the same SDCC compiler that others have mentioned.)