What is Arduino OS Version-2.0.1-arduino-os ??


I just got a Yun and it comes with this version called Arduino OS Version-2.0.1-arduino-os

What is this? Why is this version ot anywhere on the Arduino site. The latest version is supposed to be 1.5.3. which I am going to install on this thing anyway because I think this 2.0.1 interface is hideous to say the least.

Also my Yun says ARDUINO.ORG under the Ethernet port. How do I know aht date and hardware version this is? The docs talk about hw bought 2014 or before or after 2015 so how do I know?


It looks like it's this:

Strangely the releases jump from 2.0.0 to 2.0.3. Maybe they deleted some for some reason. It's uncertain what the future is of the arduino-org repositories since arduino.org no longer exists. I'd expect that arduino.cc now owns those repositories but I haven't gotten a definitive answer about whether they will be maintained.

To follow up on my question above here is the /etc/linino_version:


The build date is A LOT newer that the 1.5.4 which is Nov 14 2014.

What is the difference between Linino, OpenWRT Yun and this "Arduino OS" that is installed on my Yun

It looks like it's this:
GitHub - bcmi-labs/Arduino-OS: JavaScript Web Desktop Platform for LininoOS-Based Board, like Yún and Tian

Strangely the releases jump from 2.0.0 to 2.0.3.

I just upgraded to 1.5.3 which seemed to have bricked the Yún board so I had to completely flash everything, voiding my warranty I guess, but on the other hand this Arduino OS seemed like it was really going in the wrong direction and I would have abandoned Arduino altogether if that was the future of the Yun.

I really hope to G~d that Arduino does not pursue this "Desktop" idea for the Yún front-end. It's hideous, bloated and useless. The interface needs to remain clean, aligned with OpenWRT and easily hackable.

Anyway, if someone else has this problem I used the instruction here:

And replaced all the parts: The kernel, the OpenWRT Yun and the U-boot because even the boot loader was Linino.

Now I just have to figure out why the LEDs are not working properly, I guess I'll look into a Yun Shield I have laying around to see if I can replicate the Luci setting for the LEDs.