What is this red PCB?

The red board, says it is a Nano and accepts Nano code, it is a 328P and seems to work fine. yes I know it is not an original but anyone know what it is? A Nano for size put next to it. So you can see pin outs and physical sizes different too. I got 5 of them that is all.

Thanks in advance.

Is it a Mega Nano?

Thanks for the fun suggestion, hasn't got all the IO lines of a Mega though. I originally though was some variant of a Mega Core but it isn't.

It's just a basic Nano clone.


dmesg output if anyone gets one similar

usb 5-4: New USB device found, idVendor=04d9, idProduct=b534
usb 5-4: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
usb 5-4: Product: USB TO UART BRIDGE
usb 5-4: Manufacturer: HOLTEK
usb 5-4: SerialNumber: 0000

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