What pins does the ENC28J60 ethernet shield use?

I have an ENC28J60 ethernet shield up and working and serving up webpages! Now I just need to know which IO pins are used by the shield so that I can use the remaining pins to monitor sensors. I can't find a lot of documentation on this particular shield. Anyone have one and can help out?

You got a link to the particular device you have? I googled ENC28J60 and it looks like it use the SPI interface. That doesn't feel right.

This is what I have.


I don't have any more specifics except that it's the ENC28J60 chip and it uses the etherShield library. It came out of Hong Kong and the seller isn't real helpful.

I have it working as a web server, and I can guess which pins are available, but I'm not 100% sure.

Time to air another pet peeve of mine - links to e-bay auctions. The picture of the device is pretty much useless. Some manufacturer made the thing you bought. That manufacturer, generally, has data sheets available on their web site. Figure out, from looking at the device you have who made the thing, and post a link to that part on the manufacturers web site.

Even better, support the manufacturer, and buy from them. They support the product. If you can't do that, ask for help from the people you bought it from. Good luck getting any help there.

But in this particular case the price is almost an order of magnitude lower than you would expect for that kind of functionality, so I'm willing to suffer some pain gathering information.

I might agree with you if I'd saved any money. But I didn't buy the thing not knowing how to use it, or what pins it used. Therefore, I (we) shouldn't have to suffer any pain gathering information.

If a person comes here asking for help, they should post a link to the manufacturers web site, not a link to Joe's e-bay auction where there is only a fuzzy picture of the product that may not be there later today.

I agree whole heartedly with what you're saying. I've been very frustrated with the lack of documentation and good code for this board. The board actually works quite well, and it's very cheap. There is just not very much documentation I can find. Most of the posts I've found referencing the ENC28J60 talk about how the software sucks and there isn't any documentation on the board.

I'm going to write up a page of all the info I've gathered as soon as I have it all put together.

Regarding the SPI pins (I'm new at this). I can't digitalRead pins 10-13, does that jive with it using SPI? Also, pins 0 - 2 always read as HIGH. I assume it's somehow using those too? I'll keep digging.

I forgot to mention I did find this datasheet: http://www.nuelectronics.com/download/projects/Ethernet_v1_0.pdf

on this reference page: http://www.nuelectronics.com/estore/index.php?main_page=project_eth

May I request on of your expert opinions reading the schematic to help me determine which arduino pins this thing uses? Like I said I'm new at this. I have a stronger coding background than electronics. I can't make a whole lot of sense of the schematic.

Richard you are a gentlemen and a scholar! Thanks for deciphering that schematic. I’d say that jives 95% with what my tests reveal. Here is what my sample web server spits out with NOTHING plugged in any pins.


Arduino Ethernet Shield

Digital Pin #0 is 1
Digital Pin #1 is 1
Digital Pin #2 is 1
Digital Pin #3 is 0
Digital Pin #4 is 0
Digital Pin #5 is 0
Digital Pin #6 is 0
Digital Pin #7 is 0
Digital Pin #8 is 0
Digital Pin #9 is 0
Analog Pin #0 is 342
Analog Pin #1 is 303
Analog Pin #2 is 290
Analog Pin #3 is 282
Analog Pin #4 is 278
Analog Pin #5 is 285

I can’t read digitalRead() pins 10,11,12, or 13. That causes it to hang. I can read all the other ports and it jives with what you figured from that schematic except for pin 0.

I should test it without enabling the ethernet module and see if pin 0 works.