Problem with Shield Ethernet enc28j60

I'm using an ethernet shield ENC28J60, but I am not able to connect my arduino Duemilanove will be missing some library to work, install a driver? I know it .. If any have any example that shows this shield ethernet working, would be of great help. Thanks.

These ENC28 shields are not supported by the Arduino Ethernet library; only the W5100 based shields/bricks are. The W5100 has a lot more protocol support built in.

Anyone know of a working library for ENC shields?? They ARE cheap on bay...


I'm using ENC28J60 with no problem until here (except for using it the same time as a SD card on SPI bus). I use the etherShield library, found here:

[edit] just found a newer version of the library. See there: [/edit]

Now I have to choose between: -having my arduino online -having HTML pages to display on it :~

Does anyone know how to make the two work at the same time, so I could display HTML page online ???


In order to use the Nuelectronics ethershield with another SPI device you need to change the 74HCT08D with a 74AHC125D. I've done it for one board using DIP version of the chip by cutting tracks and using thin wires. However, it can be done by directly replacing the surface mount chip as described here, see second part of page.

You also need to use a different CS pin for both devices and update one of the libraries to use the alternative pin. I am successfully using this method in an RF12 to ethernet bridge where the RF12 module is receiving packets that are then being dumped into a UDP packet and sent out on the ethernet.

Using a SD card as a file store for html pages would be possible, but the current library is restricted to sending out html pages in a single packet. The size of the packet is dependant on your buffer size which in turn is limited to the memory size of the 168 or 328 chips. I've no plans at present to update the library to support this, but anyone else is free to have a go!



Anyone know of a working library for ENC shields?? They ARE cheap on bay...

Good, fast, cheap..., chose any two. :)

Andy, thanks for your work on this!

I, for one, knew only that this type of Ethernet shield existed and nothing about library support for it. Of course the Ebay sellers I saw knew little or nothing.

Where's a good place to put this information where it can be more easily found??

Really, many thanks Andy ! Looks like I’m gonna make that small mod.

I’ll try to make pages as small as possible, nevertheless I need authentication, and one of my future pages contains MD5 encoding. So I think it will be difficult to make it with the buffer size…

I’m not sufficiently familiar with Arduino (and electronics in general) to modify libraries, and make hard mods by myself without a guru ! So I just hope that somebody with good skills will need such functionalities and make the situation evolve…

Hello all,

I was just looking for 74AHC125D on the net, and I wanted to check the one I had on my ethernet shield. What a surprise when I saw it is already a 74AHC125D, and not a 74HCT08 as Andy mentioned to replace.

My shield is a one from : (bought on ebay). It does not have discrete components as we can see on this link, but SMD ones.

So I do not understand why it won't work when SD is connected and activated... I'll retry with the library found on this site, but I'm perplex...