Whats is needed to build a starting gate and finish line

I would like to try to build a motion sensor starting gate for hot wheels track and a 1-6 finish line with finish order and time. I don't know what components I need to build this project. I've seen this on you tube but I haven't been able to find anywhere that tells you what to buy in order to build it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Motion sensor starting gate?

The last Hot Wheels track project I saw here had only one lane 50 feet long in a room without much magnetic activity (could induce voltage in long unshielded wire). Serial comms wouldn't work well at such a distance but for single OPEN/CLOSE signal 50 feet is not too far.

There are many ways to sense the cars at the finish line. Maybe the easiest is to put light detectors in the track facing up with a bright led positioned above. Cheapest would be physical gates that the cars open to break a connection.

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Do you have 6 lanes/tracks for the hotwheels?

Can you post a link to what you have seen?

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if you have an LED or Infrared emitter and a receiver, any object that breaks that line can change the signal.
so, to detect when a car passes a point, you can have one light pointing at the other and the car passes between.

the signals are easy to bring to any Arduino.

when you say starting... are the cars sitting a a sort of fence and the fence drops ?

Use the forum Google search function in the upper right of this page to search for the key words of your project. You will probably find many similar previous project discussions and code to get you started.

A lot of it is really how much money you want to spend on parts and time to spend on assembly and code.

My old Hot Wheels from 68-72 could probably be held at the gate with an electromagnet but I dunno about the ones since.

I’m thinking about a similar project for this year. There are many examples online and here is one I found via these forums with an arduino implementation.

They are all variations of this. This one uses LEDs to signal a winner, others will use a 7seg display. Some have starting gates others don’t.

The trickiest part as I think about the project is how to integrate with hotwheels track. The link to the project is for Pinewood derby racing which has more durable track setups to integrate components into. Probably will entail building some kind of station to attach both the start and finish line circuitry and mechanisms.

Keep us posted on your progress!