Whats needed? 30x30 and 40x40

Hello i am relativley new to arduino so i want to know what is needed for a 30x30 matrix using straignt power from the wall socket. If anyone can gimme a link or something on what parts i need. Thanks :D

p.s. and also 30 x 40 :D

You can easily obtain 5x7 and 8x8 matrices, and use parts like MAX6953 to drive the 5x7s and MAX7219/7221 to drive 8x8s.

24 5x7s arranged as 6 rows, 4 columns would yield 30 x 28 or 6x6, for 30 x 42 MAX6953 can drive four 5x7s.

20 8x8s as 4 rows, 5 columns yields 32 x 40, or 5x5 for 40 x 40 MAX7219 drive 1 8x8 each.

Any of the arduino can drive all the parts, with maybe some shift registers to provide enough chip select lines if using the MAX7219/7221s. The Max6953 is I2C, each can have 1 of 4 I2C 'addresses' so you could use an I2C mux also http://www.dsscircuits.com/i2c-multiplexer.html

Alternately, use a mess of 8-bit shift registers with high current buffers that can drive up to 600 or 800mA (for 30 or 40 rows respectively) and write your own multiplexing code.

thanks much for the info…i did some research…and i figured i can us the peggy2 from evilmadscience and put the lights on a sphereical surface. i have put a picture of what i want to do.


or also how about instead of connecting the LEDs in a series but run them parallel and have 30 rows of lights with each row having 30?...could i do it that way too?

Do they need to flash, turn on/off, anything?

30 LEDs in series - pick your LEDs, you could need a 60V supply if they were 2V Vforward LEDs. Then up to 20mA/row * 30 = so a 600mA supply.