whats the best power supply to power multiple pis/ardunio etc

i looked on amazon at those LED strip ones they seem to have bad reviews etc

but i have right now a ardunino plugged into the raspberry pi powered by the stock power adapter for the pi and she reboots she starving for power.. but id like to power maybe 3 ardunios or more or 2 more pis off the same power block..
and a couple servos

which is a good one
or are those in the link good just people had bad luck etc?

I've used similar supplies in my projects. Never a problem.

What do you plan to spend? All you need is a good clean 5 volt power supply with decent filtering. Just about any 5 volt 5 amp power supply would do fine and actually slight over kill. I can buy this power supply which is way overkill for under $15 USD. Power supplies like this do not include a data sheet or details like voltage regulation or harmonics hum and noise (distortion). Just choose one and call it good enough unless you want a lab grade supply and have deep pockets.


well i asked in the raspberry pi forums and was told i need an electrician cuz u can burn your house down with a 60amp 5v version of what i posted mentioned about (fuse, polyfuse, MCB, etc)

right now i i have 1 raspberry pi powering a ardunio and i have a servo on the 2nd usb c power supply
i also want to add like some more outputs to the ardunino to control relays 40 feet away
also ardunio or raspberry pi to have those thermostats you can plug in up to 50 feet away figure like cat5e to use and anything i add in figure plus i wanted to be able to power servos 50 feet away not have to have power supply only a foot from a servo but to be able to handle the distance.

least thats the idea if its not possible to do all that then id have to change my way of planning but i wanted 1 power supply to handle the distances but i dont wannt burn down house but i not doing anytthing to cause a fire as i just wanna use the usb port to power ardunio and the usbc forr the raspberry pi 4 ... and or the barrel plug for the ardunio so its still fused or what not... and then servos and never thought about i guess i need fueses for the servos

@comet424, do not cross-post. Threads merged.

how is that possible? Raspberry Pi is a different web address the Ardunino
how can Raspberry Pi forum question be merged in Ardunio Website here.. unless your saying Ardunino owns raspberry pi. or raspberry pi owns ardunio

and i asked in both forms. because i dont know if anyone would reply in here and i dont know if anyone would reply in raspberry pi
and its not a cross post.. i need to use both items at the same time same power supply without Flaws

…and its not a cross post…

The original post and #3 are essentially the same question.

RaspPis suck a lot of power when booting or doing lots of multitasking. They are usually powered through the micro USB plug, which is (IMHO) marginally sufficient for the current draw. The problem is hugely exacerbated by the multitude of very cheap USB cables on the market -- take one of these apart and you might be astonished at the tiny gauge of the conductors. That leads to excessive voltage drop between the power supply and the Pi ... which then leads to reboots.

...all a long-winded way of suggesting that you try a different (more hefty) cable to power the Pi.

If you posted questions about the same project and its various problems in different forums or even on the same forum, that's a cross post.

Unless people detect that there are additional information about the same project on the different forum threads, and relevant answers on the alternate forum threads, they waste their time answering things or asking for information which has already been provided somewhere else. That is a very rude way to abuse helpful people. :roll_eyes:

What you need to do is start understanding the basics, the very fundamental basics. Then an understanding of current to include calculating wire gauge resistance against wire run length against current draw. A 5 Volt 60 Amp supply merely means it is capable of maintaining 5 volts at 60 amps. The load is only going to draw whatever it draws. The battery in my truck is a 12 volt battery capable of hundreds of amps yet the load at any time, including starting will only be whatever it is. The fact that 60 or 200 amps is available means nothing. Learn the laws of electronics starting with Ohm's Law and move along to Kirchoff's Laws of voltage and current.

Choose a supply based on your voltage and current needs plus some overhead.


post 3 was not a question it was a Statement

and like i stated reason i asked in raspberry pi forum and here
because maybe in arduinoi no one has a darn clue, but raspberry pi forum does and i could be waiting months in arduno for for an answer
and vice versa
or the answer i got in the raspberry pi form. was they have no idea.. and said goto a Electronics making website.. so that could been the same here too reason i asked in both forums to broaden my help

i already know that 60amp 5v would be able to handle more pi reason i said it.. but like i stated.. Raspberry pi forum said youd burn your house down powering mulitple pies arduninos off a 60amp 5v
reason i ask in both forums

ya my voltage needs is 5V and handle as many amps as possible
due to distance of the Pis and running multiple Ardunios and Pis off the same power supply and maybe 5 6 servos all same and running servos up to 50 feet from the power supply

as for cross post then fine thats totally fine everyone does it i need to broaden it.. or i guess maybe i need to cross post more the NEWS does it all the time
but cross post is totally perfectly fine.
if i post the same question in
popular mechanics, facebook, raspberry pi, arduino, linus tech tips, robots
its totalyl fine to post the same question in all those, because you are not signed in all of them, the smart people are not in one forum or another, you need to broaden your search

just like google it cross searchs across different websties for the same answer you dont say google dont cross search

either looking.. frustrated u tell me power supply will just draw what it needs which i know.. and Raspbery pi forums saiys no youll burn your house down.
so reason why u have to ask same question more then 1 Website.. dont put all your questions in 1 basket you need to broaden
because why didnt you answer the question in raspberry forum.. to say guy was wrong

so ill probably try the 60 amp

my orginal topic was help on Whats the Best power supply for multiple pis

which i provided the 60amp which people found to be an issue
and reason i asked in here
you guys work with Aruninos building them for commerical grade as its not just a hobby
and was looking for the most relaible.. but in the end

a Computer power supply seems to be the most reliable without burnout and 10 yr warrenty so i end up going that route.. since it has 5volts... as computer power supplies seem to be best power supplies for lasting

as those LED ones people finding they dont last a month or year before the components keep burninging out
and there is no Offical Ardunino/Raspberry Pi. OFiccal Power Supply Listings on the website
that Arduinio People stand behind as Official use for more then 1 unit

cuz i ask for helpful help not about dont cross post that is 0 helpful to the issue of powering everything
sensors more then 50 feet away powered directly from the Arduino or so

thanks anyways

Being antagonistic will not earn you many friends or helpful replies on any forum.

A 60 amp supply can burn your house down, if you do something stupid with it. The electrical service in your house can also burn the house down, if you do something stupid with it. Those of us on this forum have ZERO context for what someone else said on another forum.

60 amps is more than enough to run several Pis and Arduinos simultaneously. As I wrote in a previous post, if your Pi is starving for power it is likely due to the cable. This is a known issue, as you will know if you really do follow the RasPi forum. RasPis are very sensitive to undervoltages resulting from narrow gauge power supply cables.

wasnt being antagnositc. i was defending myself
dont need to be told #4 message
that i cant post for help in multiple websites other then here for the same help knowing that u guys might not be able to help

its because buddy said not to post this same question in Raspberry pi forum and Arudunio form.. all i stated was i asked in both forums for help and u get bashed by him.. there was 0 issues till his comment and explainiation after

and no he Stated if u hook u raspberry pi to a 60amp u burn your house down and to get an electrician to wire it for you.. when i asked what is the best power supply for multiple pis servos

as i plan to run 2-3 raspberry pis 2 ardunios 8 relays and 5 servos all off the same power supply

and ya i google the raspberry pi draws like 2.4 amps off a 3amp stock power adapter. and powering the arudunio off the usb port of the raspberry pi.. and using the Servo on a spare raspberry pi
didnt help

but ill make sure not to ask the same question in 2 forums to broaden any help
in the future

and i all i wanted was what you Ardunios people or Offical Power Supplies for multiple Pis or Ardunios
like some SparkFun has there recommend devices
i was hoping for the Recommended ones for Ardunio since my orginal post shows the bad reviews on how it burns out in less thenw a few months
i want a power supply that can last 5 -10 yrs no issues
at high amperage so it can last i wanted a quality power supply you guys recommend is what i wanted in the end not arguements

i appreciate the help

and ill be trying the 60amp one anyways even with the bad reviews
as i estimate 5 amps per device so gives me overhead

thanks for the talk

Look and listen. You use the word "best" so may I assume you are OK spending $150 USD or more on a 5 volt 5 amp power supply? Best is subjective. Just use Amazon and find a common off the shelf power supply. The current demand, as pointed out, of a Raspberry Pi, Arduino or about any micro-processor will depend on how busy it is or simply put whatever task it is doing at any point in time. When choosing a power supply you figure the maximum load it will see in use and then allow a 20% to 25% overhead. There is no way you should figure 5 amps per device I gave you suggestions earlier. Buy whatever you want. You have had good suggestions. Try learning a little as it will go a long way.


You were not told not to post on both Arduino and Pi forums. You were told not to cross post on different Arduino forums. As best I know, there is no Pi forum on the Arduino site.

Or is there? :fearful:

Personally I've had the best luck with Meanwell power supplies.

I can't imaging a Pi requiring more that 2 Amps each. Arduinos are maybe 1/2 amp. So for 5 x Pi's and a half dozen Arduinos you need about 10 or so amps + what ever the servo's require.

Running power for 50' will require some reasonably thick wire and likely a capacitor or two locally at the end.

I would think a 60A supply is overkill for what you've described. I would think 15A would still have a large safety margin (with regard to capacity).

Again not know more details, I would look seriously at two supplies one at each end of the 50' you described.

As for safety; there is always a need for safe sensible wiring. 5V and 60 Amps could do some damage but not nearly as much as a Lithium battery pack fully charged.

Hope this helps.

wasnt being antagnositc. i was defending myself
dont need to be told #4 message
that i cant post for help in multiple websites other then here for the same help knowing that u guys might not be able to help

You posted #3 in a different section of this forum. That’s cross-posting. Given your attitude about it, if you do it again, you will be enduring a very long time away from this forum.

I have no idea why you’re whinging about a Raspberry Pi forum. And, I don’t care.

Pi 4 needs 3A, 5.1V power supply.