wheelchair motors and which one is the best

I am looking at trying to use an electric motor to move a manual wheelchair but not sure what motor to buy.

I would like the project to be as lightweight as possible so as little battery weight and motor weight as posable but with the power to move a total weight of 20 stone not including the weight of the batteries and motor

when I look online various motors i am so confused can some one please help me chose a correct motor that will power my project details below

wheelchair weight inc passenger: 130Kg battery type: Lipo approx time needed between recharges 1 to 2 hours use

the unit will be controlled using an Arduino and a control unit I have designed

"Best"? Perhaps you mean "cheapest adequate for the task"?

You'll need something like a Headway LiFePO4 battery pack if you want lightweight, and that is immediately very expensive.

What max incline do you require? Is most distance on the flat? Battery consumption dramatically depends on climb distance as you might imagine.

Is off-road use important?

Carpet makes a big difference too.

I'd suggest you get hold of an old wheelchair (one scrapped because its controller has failed) and build from there.

Motor size is typically in the order of around 250 watt per motor (2 required)

Whilst chair control sounds simple, it's actually quite a complex science and involves not only speeed control but consideration of turning G forces, acceleration, deceleration, dynamic braking, static braking, emergency stopping to name but a few

interesting you have almost put me off it but fear not i will start on this project. need to find a second-hand electric chair that broken as you say. as for incline, there's not much as it would only be used for walking the dogs in the park. and they tend to pull most of the way

In that case build a 'huskie sledge' wheeled chair and get them to pull you all the way :)

The idea is good, but as others say, it would be expensive for you if you're going to pursue it — considering the materials you're going to use for the project. But if you're really interested in learning about motors, here's an electric motor range (if I may be allowed to post, this is a link to an external site) that is rather cheap (it being China-based) and has guides on how to choose the right electric motor for you.