Where can i buy ATMEGA328P-PU

I'm making a design with a ATMEGA328P(-PU) chip in which i will program on the arduino uno. I don't want to us the uno as it is too big and also expensive. When looking around for where i can buy the ATMEGA328P(-PU) from, its either over £10 on amazon or is £2 on electric component suppliers but wont be in stock for a year. It would also be nice if it already had arduino boot loader on it but i could probably do it myself. Does anyone know where i can buy 10 for a reasonable price?

The ATTINY88 looks like it will work fine as an alternative and is well priced. I'm a bit suspicious of the price, I'll update this post once I've received it and tested it. Thanks to everyone who replied!

What about using a pro-micro?

All of these chips and the various Arduino versions have become much more expensive, if they are available at all. Bangood sells 10 Nano clones for $60. Pro Minis on Amazon are about the same.

I doubt you will find a good source for the PU DIP chips.

Consider the ATtiny88
I just picked up a 10 pack or these nice little boards for $18


As the PU flavor is not in demand as much as the SMT variety, I found them on this site, but shipping to EU may be expensive:

After getting a quote from pcbkey, despite the website saying $2 the actually price is $30 but thanks for looking.

That is sad! Good forum manners prevents me from stating what I truly wish to state.


The other thing is that there are counterfeit versions of the 328P which may or may not perform like the genuine version. If you don't order from an approved distributor, you can't be sure of what you're getting. But approved distributors have no stock, and no prospect of getting any stock any time soon.

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