where is RESET-EN jumper in Wavgat MEGA 2560 board ?

Hi, Guys!

I’m a very new Arduino user. I ordered from Chine a WavGAT MEGA 2560 clone. It works well, but if I use LCD display, the power consumption is high, and the notebook’s USB supply is not enough for this - or the cable is wrong?

So, I’d like to upload sketches to the microcontroller via CP2102 USB/RS232 module.

I’ve found a method: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Upload-Sketches-to-an-Arduino-With-a-Broken/

and I’ve found a trick to use this method on MEGA boards: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=330195.0

BUT. Because of I couldn’t find this short on the board !!!

Please help, me, where is it?

Thanks: rcph



I would not be surprised if they left it off.

But why would you anyway? You’re serial converter isn’t broken is it?

Would be better to just use a good external power supply :slight_smile:

If you want to use something like a 12V wall wart, plug it into the barrel jack and use an external regulator for the LCD!

Hello, Septillion!

Thank You very much the fast reply.. My problem is, that if I connect the MEGA 2560 via USB to the notebook, the LCD display is vibrates, I'm afraid, that it will be destroy my board...

What do You think? Is it enable to use the MEGA board with external 9V supply AND USB 5V ?

Yes, that's fine.

Only think to note, the Arduino is NOT very capable of supplying 5V. So I would suggest to use an external 9V to 5V converter for the display.

OK, thank You very much !!! :slight_smile:

Hello, Septillion!

I arrived to continue programming of the Wavgat MEGA 2560 & TFT LCD.

Please confirm or refuse my idea: is it good way that I cut +5V pins of TFT display (which is connected with own regulator of the MEGA board), I solder these to each other, and I give 5V supply to TFT LCD from an external 5V-3A BEC, soldered the GND to LCD's GND pins?

Thanks: rcph

Oooh, I've found an another possibility: to give external 5V supply to the MEGA board, with unlugged USB port.

I've read it a couple of times but I'm not completely sure how you want to connect it. Can you make s simple schematic (hand drawing will do better than a Fritzing breadboard-mess).

Hello, Septillion!

At Yesterday I've found the solution. I connected onto +5V in/out pin of the board an external 5V-3A BEC module, and the vibration of display disappeared!

The proble is that I can't use this supply and USB port in one time, but it is not too important.


The problem is that I can't use this supply and USB port in one time, but it is not too important.

Why not? :roll_eyes:

Hello, Paul!

I tried to upload sketches to the MEGA board using a CP2102 USB-TTL module, connected the RX to TX0, TX to RX0 and GND to GND of the board, and the upload was failed.

I gave up attempts, I left the simplest method, until uploading I connect USB cable to the board (and turn off the 5V external supply).

If You have any solution idea to program MEGA board via CP2102 USB-TTL converter, I'll be happy!