Where to buy mixed bags of capacitors/resistors uk

I just want a big bag of everything!

anyone know where you can get assorted bags of caps/resistors and others in the uk.

can only seem to find them internationally.

Maplin often do this sort of thing.

Or try bitsbox.co.uk


Try Rapid Electronics



Also, I agree with Grumpy_Mike about Maplin, they do some multi-packs quite well. (Some of their “grab bags” are great, others really contain far too few components for the money, be careful)

EDIT: Andrew’s bitsbox.co.uk recommendation looks a little better than my suggestions if I’m not much mistaken. On the other hand, it’s quite easy to pop into Maplin for that one more bag of caps while the Mrs is in John Lewis… that’s got to be worth a small premium :slight_smile:

bitsbox.co.uk win every time when it comes to value for money and £1.50 postage on any order is pure win!

I’m with n00B :slight_smile:

Its not unusal to receive stuff the day after you ordered it, highly recommended.