Where to purchase MKRZeros in Canada

I'm interested in purchasing a couple of mkrzeros. However I'm unable to find any available in Canada. The Arduino store does not ship to Canada, Digi-key has no MKRZeros in stock, Mouser, RS Components, amazon, adafruit, sparkfun don't even sell it.

Any ideas on how to source this board in Canada?

Where abouts in Canada ?

I know Arduino has a man in Canada (not sure if sales or tech related)


There are some more shops in the TO area that might also stock it including http://www.canadarobotix.com

I do agree we are not best served in Canada in these regards.

the Arduino store ships to Canada:

if you have troubles please drop a line to store-usa@arduino.cc

@ballscrewbob I live in Ottawa. Unfortunately both Robotshop and Canadarobotix do not carry the MKRzero on their online stores

@AndreaRichetta unfortunately everytime, I try to purchase the MKRZero from the Arduino store, I get a message saying that the store doesn't ship to Canada at the 'select shipping step.

I will send you an email shortly. Thanks

What about the Quebec stores ?

@ballscrewbob I don’t know many Quebec stores. The one with the biggest online presence that I’m aware of is abra-electronics.com and they do not carry the MKRZero.

I can easily purchase Feather m0 board from Adafruit or a Neutrino board both similar boards to the MKRZero, but I prefer to support Arduino via buying official Arduino boards.


The Arduino distribution network and stock levels does need an awful lot of work IMHO and is holding back the company.

Whoever runs that side needs some very serious butt kicking.

Observation...To my probably untrained eye the affiliates seem to come up in most search engines first and Arduino as a company second. Would like to see that change to the same status and other “big brands” where the Arduino company comes in FIRST and the affiliates that also sell Arduino items come in second place.

Why is Arduino not partnering with such as AMAZON to provide a better sales and marketing platform for goods to a wider distribution network ?
There is a serious FAIL in sales and marketing and distribution somewhere and it is clearly holding back both the brand and company as a whole !

If anyone knows how to pass those comments directly to those concerned please do as I also have some more issues I would be glad to pass along.

Its funny because I can get the traditional UNO and Mega boards from almost anywhere. The Arduino Zero and the MKR1000 can also be purchased from plenty of distributors including Amazon.ca. It is only the MKRZero that is hard to get. Which is a shame because it is a very affordable and powerful arduino board and has the potential to become as popular as the UNO/nano boards

Since I haven't heard anything back from the Arduino USA store, I'll go ahead and source the MKR1000 instead. They're a bit more expensive but have WiFi....and I can buy them from amazon.ca. I will use the MKR1000 for now until I make my own board for the SAMD21 part.

Having said all that, Arduino have really under-advertised this board compared to the promotions that they make for almost every other one of their official boards. I wonder why...perhaps they didn't want to compete with Sparkfun's and Adafruit's offering of similar boards. If that's the case then why release it in the first place.

It also not encouraging for the average user that wants to support Arduino by buying official hardware.