Where to start? Running Speed Sensor

I am totally new to Arduino. May not get the terminology exactly right...

I want to develop an Arduino based Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) running speed sensor. This "classification" of device has an existing SIG specification UUID BLE_UUID_RUNNING_SPEED_AND_CADENCE 0x1814, as best I can tell. If I understand it, that is a pre-defined specification to tell the central device what the peripheral is sending.

**Where do I begin? **

Is there a tutorial that would show me how to setup the board to broadcast, pair and transmit?

I have downloaded the Arduino IDE and see that there is a setup() and loop() for initialization and recurring processing. So, to get started, I want to:

  1. Initialize the BLE peripheral device as a running speed sensor.

  2. Advertise the device to BLE central devices.

  3. Pair the devices.

  4. Stream a constant (5 MPH)

I am assuming that somehow I have to use setAdvertisedServiceUuid() or similar in the setup() to initialize the device as a running speed sensor, then do a setAdvertisingInterval() or similar to start broadcasting the device. Then, somehow connect() and stream data using notify() or similar.

Any help will be appreciated.

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