Which Adruino uno should I use

Cad/Cam student my classmates and I are building a 2500mW laser engraver we found a laser but it is TTL not PWM.

So which Adruino Uno board would work the best for this project should we look at the R3 that has both PWM and TTL connectors ?

Or should we search fora PWM compatible laser module ?

Any info greatly appreciated.

TTL - Transistor Transistor Logic. TTL devices make use of bipolar transistors.
The main distinguishing features of the basic TTL family is that they demand a power rail which is very close to +5V,
and they use a relatively high amount of current to drive their logic levels
(below 1V for a logical ‘0’ or ‘low’, and above about 3.5V for a logical ‘1’ or ‘high’).

PWM - Pulse Width Modulation. Although a digital signal can only be high or low PWM allows the proportion of time the
signal is high or low to be varied in an analogue fashion.

What laser have you found do you have a link to it's technical specs?
Which connectors are you referring to on the Uno?

TTL here means a digital signal, to turn the laser on and off. Find details about voltages and currents in the laser data sheet.

PWM is a modulation of a digital signal. Also find details in the data sheet, about frequency and other timing of the on/off signal.

Why do you think that you need PWM to control the laser? Controlling the laser power typically is done differently, again see the laser data sheet.