Which Arduino to use?

Hey everyone,

I hope i am posting this in the correct place, because i am new here.

I am beginner in Microcontrollers so after i searched alot i can't know which one is suitable for my project.

I wanna control a DAC MAX5217 I2C with a 16bit Arduino to generate 0 .. 5 V from the DAC. But i don't really know which one should i use. Any advices? on which to use and which software, tools i need?

i read an article about choosing the right microcontroller so basically i have to know which interfaces i need.

My Microcontroller should have the following : atleast 2 I2C, SPI, USB and many digital inputs outputs, PWM, The controller should also be pretty precised. Basically i want the best Microcontroller to control my DAC MAX5217 its a longlife project so the cost is not so important for the Controller.

Thanks alot.



Two I2C? That is relatively rare.

How much memory and processing speed do you need?

There's 8-bit Arduinos and 32-bit Arduinos.....

You would get better answer if you'd actually tell us what you want to do with it. What's your project?

IIRC, the Teensy ≥3.2 boards have to TWI's.


You really need two I2C busses?

I think the Due has two I2C busses; I think that's the only official board that does. (It is based on 32-bit processor, not 16-bit - there aren't any 16-bit arduino.)

A lot of the STM32 chips do, and some of them can be programmed through the IDE using something like STM32duino (a third-party project to support the STM32 micros in the arduino IDE)