Which hardware for i/o monitoring


I am a software developer and have only today found out about the Arduino. I would like to put a solution together that comprises of an ethernet board that monitors up to 8 digital inputs for changes in state.

When an input changes state, I want the board to send a message via HTTP POST or via UDP packet to a server that I will write. So far so good?

That's part one. Part two would involve interfacing the board with an additional GPRS board that would send the same packet to the server via GPRS should the ethernet (Internet) connection fail. Controlling outputs would be a bonus if available.

Thanks in advance for any hardware recommendations :)

I would not go for Arduino but for some Atmel 32 based ethernet board. Then I would use already available software.

At leat in Germany you can get those boards very cheap: http://www.pollin.de/shop/dt/MTQ5OTgxOTk-/Bausaetze/Diverse/Bausatz_AVR_NET_IO.html

If this is not sufficient there are open projects that use a similar setup with a 644P http://www.lochraster.org/etherrape/ http://www.ethersex.de/index.php/Ethersex

Cheers, Udo

Wow - the AVR NET IO is very competitively priced and looks like what I am looking for. Unfortunately, I do not understand German, so I have asked them to send me a spec in English.

Do you know if the board will send out a HTTP POST or UDP packet when an input is triggered ?

No, I never owned such a board. I just noticed that it is pretty cheap and has everything already on board.

Cheers, Udo