Why we can not use ESP8266 on all project?

I am a student and I am doing work on Arduino nodmcu esp8266 and drone-related projects for the last 1 year.

I have found that the ESP chip is very cheap compared to the Arduino chip, So that is obvious that esp board like esp8266 nodmcu ESP-01 est is also cheaper.

why we can not ESP8266 in all projects?

I mean what is a big difference between both. both are compatible with the Arduino IDE.
Even we get more features like wifi.

Limited I/O.

Grim peripherals. Example: ADC slow and give one analog pin.

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I understand little bit. Now i want to operate only 2 switches with remotely so I think esp8266 is very good option arduino will not suitable because i think need hc-05 Bluetooth module.

Esp8266 provide builtin wifi so i can control that.

Now i have seen this two type of esp8266 nodmcu.
I’m confused with this two types of board here.
What is difference between them?



Which board is more reliable? Both have with different prices.

The difference between the two is the USB interface chip. I'd choose the one with the CH340 chip because I know I have the drivers installed on may PC.

If you want Bluetooth also, look at the ESP32 instead of the ESP8266.

Thank you so much.
not I did not require Bluetooth, wifi is enough for my use.

The performance of both esp8266 will be the same. Right?
just need to install a different driver to install the firmware.

Higher power consumption that some other Arduinos.

You may even find that these USB drivers are already installed on your PC and that you have to do nothing.
Incidentally, the Wemos D1 mini is very compact and breaks out all the usable pins so it may be better for a drone type application. The NodeMCU appears to have a lot more pins but many are duplicated.

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