Wich constructor could be used on my ST7565 LCD?

I’ve been trying to connect my LCD(ST7565 controller) But didn’t find its exact model on above list.

Could anyone help me on that or have experienced this LCD before?


Does this help http://www.ladyada.net/learn/lcd/st7565.html

hi! Actually not very much because what I need to know is which constructor use for this display, :frowning:

but tks anyway


Where did you download the library from?

I typed in U8glib.h and found this link Uktimaker2Marlin and looking at the pins your display has, I would think you need to use this one:

U8GLIB(u8g_dev_t *dev, uint8_t sck, uint8_t mosi, uint8_t cs, uint8_t a0, uint8_t reset) { initSPI(dev, sck, mosi, cs, a0, reset); }

Also 12864 gives you some clue as to what model to use, even though there are multiple ones. However since it is a ST7565 LCD, I would try this one first from the list.


What was wrong with Adafruit's example?

#include "ST7565.h"
int ledPin = 13; // LED connected to digital pin 13
// the LCD backlight is connected up to a pin so you can turn it on & off
#define BACKLIGHT_LED 10
// pin 9 - Serial data out (SID)
// pin 8 - Serial clock out (SCLK)
// pin 7 - Data/Command select (RS or A0)
// pin 6 - LCD reset (RST)
// pin 5 - LCD chip select (CS)
ST7565 glcd(9, 8, 7, 6, 5);