Wifi fpv and control

Hi. I've seen some drones and rc cars where they have a radio remote control operating at 2.4GHz, then they use their phone as an fpv camera by connecting it to the drone via wifi.

Now, I know nrf24lo1 and WiFi operates at 2.4GHz and there are chances they might interfere, but how is this possible to the drones and rc car? If ever, I want to replicate this using arduino and esp32. How can I do this? Thanks.:grinning::grinning::grinning:

Lots of bandwidth on 2.4 GHz, so WiFi has a number of channels available.

That said, devices in close proximity will interfere - you really need a single WiFi module designed to perform both video and control

Can you reccomend any wifi module designed to receive control signals and transmit video that is arduino compatible? I was also wondering of connecting it to my phone.

In the drone and rc car transceivers, the receiver can connect to both the transmitter for control and the phone for video.

So I've seen some apps that can control a drone and at the same receive live footage like an fpv. I asked the forum a couple of days ago about how it happens and someone told me that doing it separetly (WiFi and Bluetooth) would cause interference. He said that I needed a Wifi Module that can do transmit and receive data at the same time.
I just want to ask for a model of this type of Module and if ever some suggestions for my project. Thanks.:grinning::grinning::grinning:

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