Wifi101 - Change SPI configuration

Hi .
I' using Arduino wifi101 library for my project .The hardware I'm using is WINC1500 as wifi co-module and STM Nucleo development board.I use STM32Duino framework for my project which is bvased on Arduino .

My question is currently wifi101 library takes the default SPI on the arduino board which perfectly works with STM32 nucleo (Nucleo F429ZI)board .But moving forward I like to change the default SPI line to a different SPI (i.e SPI4 or SPI5)

I manage to do it on the wifi101 library by changing the nm_bus_wrapper_samd21.cpp file
the default settings are ,

#if !defined(WINC1501_SPI)
#define WINC1501_SPI SPI

The changes I made to change the default SPI from SPI4 was ;

#if !defined(WINC1501_SPI)
SPIClass SPI_5(PF9, PF8, PF7); //SPI Pin #s (MISO,MOSI,CLK)
#define WINC1501_SPI SPI_5

Is there any way to change the default SPI without modifyiny the nm_bus_wrapper_samd21.cpp ? I.e on the main ? or is there any API to call to the main to change the default SPI ?
Appreciate your help .

Thank you.

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