WifiFly RN171 Receive data from web browser

Hello All,

I am trying to setup the RN171 to receive data from a web client. That is I want to create a web server on the RN171. So that I can load the HTML code from a browser and send data via the browser to the WiFi module.

I can't figure out how to do this. Has anyone done this. I have read through the manual but doesn't offer any help pertaining to this.

No link to the hardware! Although I know what the RN171 is and have worked with it in the past, I don't have the datasheet ready. You have to supply that information.

Have you tried the WiFly family of libraries? Where did you buy the hardware? Didn't they link to a library they suggest? Doesn't that library offer a web server example?

Hello pylon,

The module datasheet is attached. The code that I found is attached.
Also it key to note that I am not using an Arduino I am try to use code from the libraries provided by the Arduino to write my own driver code. But I am little confused how they setup the web server. I can’t find where there sending the specific commands to the RN171 to set it up as a web server.

Also the other thing I want to do is resubmit data from the web client (browser) using a form.

FM4-0.pdf (1.8 MB)

Ardunio-Code.zip (81.7 KB)

Ok I think I found a code set that was better written. This is much more portable than the one presented below. All i need to do is write a wrapper function for my serial calls and timer.


This code is not written for the Arduino, you may get bigger problems with memory if you want to run that on an UNO.

I don't want to run this on Arduino. I am running this on a Xilinx Spartan 6 running a microblaze. I came to this forum because i know alot person use this in the Arduino community. But the code set I found for arduino was not easily portable. This set of codes are.

Also the I am running this on top an RTOS and the. I'll just create a wrapper function for the serial calls they have. And replace all the memory allocation with RTOS specific memory allocation.

I found what I need so this post could be closed.