Wifly or Xbees


I am controlling Arduino from my phone through Processor program which sends commands to Arduino via USB cable. Now i need to put Arduino lets say 10 meters away from the PC.

I am trying to establish a simple wireless serial communication between PC and Arduino.

Is a Wifly shiled enough to achieve that?

Or pair of Xbees?

Which is easy to establish communication?

Any suggestions?


By the way i want to mention that i don't have access to the router. I just share Wifi in an apartment but the router does not belong to me and i can not access that.

Is a Wifly shiled enough to achieve that?

Or pair of Xbees?

Yes both will work. Both are relatively straight forward to use.

A WiFly RN-XV on a supported XBee shield is a bit simpler to use, but you will need some software on the PC to receive and send the messages via the network. What's your favourite scripting language? What's your PC Operating System?

The XBee can behave like a serial interface, so with that respect it may be the simpler solution for you.

You may also want to consider cost.

Thanks for reply. Windows 7. I am not dealing with scripting part. They changed the task. I now need to find a way to talk to iPhone directly via Wifi. I sent you a message in detail about it.

I’d suggest taking a look at this app to start: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ardumote/id449100779?mt=8. It will let you configure widgets on the iPhone to send UDP packets to the Arduino, and receive UDP packets from the Arduino for things like displaying sensor readings.

Then you will just need a WiFly module and an XBee shield for it. Connect the WiFly module to the local WiFi network, connect the iPhone to it also, and then they can send packets to each other.

Another option is to use Adhoc mode where the WiFly and the iPhone connect to each other instead of an access point.

This library for the WiFly may suit your needs (I wrote it): GitHub - harlequin-tech/WiFlyHQ: WiFly RN-XV Arduino Library.