Wii Nunchuck Tilt and Stick Control of Two Servos

Hey guys, wanted to post a video of a duct-taped together two-axis gimbal control using the Wii nunchuck,


Hopefully at some point in time I'll be controlling an RC plane with it!

Looks great, i want to do something just like this, but with an arm and 3 servos. Care to share your source.

Very cool. I just did basically the same thing. I build a small web-cam gimbal using two servos and use the Nunchuk to point the camera. I would like to see your code, too (I'll post mine and a video when I get a chance to (a) take the video, and (b) clean up the code). Your movement seems just a little smoother than mine and I'd like to compare notes on how you did your averaging...

Hey guys,

I listed my sources over at my blog: http://auav.blogspot.com/

I posted the code I'm using online here: http://www.jmaginary.com/wiiNunchuck.cpp.txt

Hope that helps out!

Viet Nguyen (Jonathan) jnguyen327@gmail.com

That is very cool!