Will my robot work?

I am making this robot that will go forwards running both dc motors until it sees an object in it's way with the ultrasonic sensor. Once it sees one, it will stop look left and right for a clear path. Once it finds a path, it will turn using one motor and go that way. this will repeat forever

Here are some pictures.

Will I need to do anything different with the motor shield hook ups? Will I need more power for the motors?

These are the pins the servo connected to.

Here are the pins the ultrasonic sensor is connected to from right to left starting with the red wire: GND A2 A3 5V.

It is powered with a 9v battery

thanks a lot! If my pictures are confusing please ask!

You're not powering the motors from the 9volt battery, are you?

Well i have the 9v battery hooked up to the arduino uno in the power jack.

do all of the connections look okay?

Well i have the 9v battery hooked up to the arduino uno in the power jack.

Those tiny 9V batteries are a horribly expensive way of powering an Arduino, but powering something power-hungry like a motor from them is even worse. You may even find that the motors are drawing more current than those tiny batteries can supply and you end up wasting your power overcoming the batteries internal resistance. For that sort of application, a set of AA rechargeable batteries in a small holder would be a more sensible solution.

do all of the connections look okay?

No idea, it's impossible to tell from the pictures. You need a wiring diagram showing what the connections are.

What if i powered the dc motors with their own power supply.

On the motor shield, there are 2 inputs on the screw block that say vin and gnd. what are they?

You can see them in the first post

How should I do a schematic? fritzing won't work because it does not have a motor shield or the ultrasonic sensor I have.