Windows unlock with arduino & fingerprint reader

Good morning, first of all sorry for my long message and for my English.
I would like your help in choosing the right products. I do not know from electronics but I hope with your help I can make what I want.

I am building an office and I want to integrate on its surface a fingerprint reader with which I can enter windows when I open the pc or unlock folders that I have inside the pc.

I saw that many use the Arduino.

I would like to make a construction that does not have to interfere with the computer motherboard with cables and so on. I would rather connect it simply to a USB which from what I understand is done with the Arduino UNO which has a USB port.

If supports it, I want to put a fingerprint like this

Ideally I would like a solution like this:

To “pin” a fingerprint reader on the Arduino, to connect the Arduino to the computer with a USB cable and then to install on the PC what is needed so that I can unlock the windows with a fingerprint

Is it easy to tell me what I will need to procure to make what I told you above?

Sorry if I stunned you and I hope you can help me.

“Windwos” is a bit tricky at the best of times. :laughing:

Have you the datasheet for that fingerprint reader?

How - with the keyboard or mouse - do you normally perform the “unlock” function on the computer for each of the operations to which you refer? Does the procedure itself depend on which operation it is, in which case how would the Arduino know which one to perform?

No, Basically I do not know exactly. On the manufacturer page it says it provides you with some codes. But i am not sure.

I just want to unlock (loggin in) the windows when I turn on the computer

Use an Arduino that supports HID functionality. Examples are e.g. Arduino Leonardo, Micro and some others, SparkFun ProMicro and most (pjrc) Teensies.

Thank you for your answer. My problem is not just the right choice of mustard. Let’s say I choose Leonardo. Can I put the fingerprint reader I put above on Leonardo? And then how do I make the code? I do not know…

You mentioned Uno and I’m just trying to prevent frustration and disappointment :wink:

Post a link to that page so we can try to find the details.

Basically I want to do this. But instead of an RFD reader I put a fingerprint reader Arduino uno RFID security system - YouTube

Please use normal links, not that redirect nonsense.

R502-a capacitive fingerprint reader module sensor scanner small thin circular ring led control dc3.3v mx1.0-6pin Sale - and R503 capacitive fingerprint module sensor scanner circular round two-color ring indicator led control dc3.3v mx1.0-6pin Sale -

This is what we are looking for the 503:
And this for the 502:

From the product pages, it has a TTL serial interface that you can use for communication with an Arduino.

I’ll leave the puzzle further to you and others; too much reading for my liking.

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Thank you for your answer and your time. So logically it does …

Pro Micro actually. The Leonardo, like the UNO, is a cumbersome board, difficult to connect.

Following that video tutorial will make this a harder project than needed.

As mentioned above a Pro-Micro is the best fit here (and bypasses a bunch of steps in that video)

Your first step/question is, enrollment. (adding fingerprints to your ‘library/database’)

  • You can do this using Windows or you can do this using the Arduino.

After you have your finger print(s) added, you can then write the sketch/code (should be easy enough to edit one of the Adafruit library examples…no?) that will ‘check’ any finger laid upon the sensor, and compare it to your collection of fingerprints you have added.

If a match is found… it is very easy to have the Pro-Micro act as a HID (human input device…aka: keyboard) to send ‘commands/actions’ to the connected PC.

Start at step 1.


Enroll using Windows: (Adafruit approach)

PC Software: (from product link page / used to set-up finger printer sensor and add new finger prints to check against)

Enroll using Arduino:

Arduino Library: (Adafruit)

Code Examples:

Enroll: Adafruit-Fingerprint-Sensor-Library/enroll.ino at master · adafruit/Adafruit-Fingerprint-Sensor-Library · GitHub

Fingerprint: Adafruit-Fingerprint-Sensor-Library/fingerprint.ino at master · adafruit/Adafruit-Fingerprint-Sensor-Library · GitHub

*Comment/Note: (taken from produict page linked to)
"However, in order for it to work, it is necessary to replace the finger.fingerFastSearch() command with finger.fingerSearch() or the learner recognizes the sensor but does not find the finger. "

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