Wireless FM guitar amp

Hey there. I'm a first time poster/arduino user. I want to build a wireless FM guitar amp but I am at an impasse as to what FM based transmitter and receiver modules to use that are compatible with the arduino. This is a probject for college. I have seen a few of these on Instructables and such but I cannot seem to get a definitive answer for myself. Some direction of where to start looking/researching would be much appreciated. Thanks ☺

An FM transmitter/receiver pair will work together perfectly well without an Arduino (or any micrprocessor). What role do you foresee for the Arduino in your particular set up ?

I was going to used arduino bootloader atmegas to send an initial stream of data to the modules to configure them. However, if I don't need the arduino that's great. Could you recommend some fm transmitter and receiver modules? I'm quite new to all of this so please excuse my ignorance in some aspects of it. Should I use a pre-amp before sending the aidiot signals through the transmitter? Thanks for your reply

I am not sure whether you are trying to transmit an analog signal, i.e., music waveform, or digital data. All of the FM transceiver pairs I have found available were digital, not analog. If you just want to send an analogue signal, be sure you find a transceiver designed to do that.

Apologies. I don't proof read. Audio signals are what I want to transmit. Whether it be from a guitar or an mp3 player. I'm stacting of small first with just an audio amp and then I'll go further and build a guitar amp.

I don't think this project a has anything to do with an Arduino.

I'd start by looking here. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wireless-guitar-system Although it is true that with the Arduino, you can get very cheap transmitters/receivers, the combination may not be very suitable for high quality audio transmission.