Wireless Serial Communication with Arduino? Problems with HM10


I am a first time poster so I apologize if this is in the wrong place but I tried to fit where I thought it should go. All I am trying to do is create a wireless solution for my arduino. I want it to be set up as a com port still with my Windows computer so that software I wrote will work with it the same as if it were plugged in via usb.

What I have tried so far:
I bought an HM-10 module and connected the power to 3.3v, GND to GND, and the TX / RX pins to pins 3 and 4 on the arduino (not 0 and 1 because those are used already when it connects via USB). I used the sample sketch “SoftwareSerial” changing the serial pins to mine.

When I use SoftwareSerial, I can send any AT command without a problem. AT responds back with OK, and others appropriately as they should. So all seems to be working fine from this level. The problem I have is setting it up as a COM port. Under Windows 7 / 10 (I have tried both), I can connect through a usb bluetooth module. The HM-10 says “Connected” and displays under device manager.

As many many sites suggest, the next step is to goto more bluetooth options, Com Ports > Add COM Port. From there you are supposed to click Outgoing (your PC initiates the connection) and then under the dropdown pick the HM-10 from that list. My problem is that nothing appears in that list for me! Am I missing something obvious? Do I have to change something on the HM-10? Am I missing a piece of hardware? I do only have the HM-10 and Arduino Uno. Any help is greatly appreciated as I have spent weeks trying to figure this out.

Thanks ahead of time,