Wireless temperature sensor

G'day all,

I'm after a bit of guidance on my first Arduino project- I'm pretty comfortable with hardware, but software is a major weakness of mine.

Anyhow, the stated goal of this project is thus; I need to get an indication of temperature from building, get that into a another building, then feed that into an existing data acquisition system. My intent is to use a 433Mhz radio link, possibly a pre-built weather station transmitter, then have an Arduino-enabled receiver which would decode that data, and using some sort of DAC, produce an analogue voltage, which I can then wrangle into the correct range with an op amp if needs be.

So, my fundamental question is;

Is there any established protocol I can "drop in" to my transmitter/receiver structure?

Cheers, Peter

Checkout JeeLabs.... Many products. http://jeelabs.com/products/jeenode


Many of the cheap, commercially available remote temperature sensors that transmit on 433 MHz have been decoded, and code is available for the Arduino (equipped with an inexpensive 433 MHz receiver) to gather and display the transmitted information.

The Oregon Scientific brand sensors are popular and among other places, are discussed in these links. http://gcrnet.net/node/24 http://jeelabs.net/projects/cafe/wiki/Decoding_the_Oregon_Scientific_V2_protocol

Other sensors, such as some of those by Acurite are decoded with this more ambitious project: http://www.osengr.org/WxShield/Web/WxShield.html and those from LaCrosse: http://www.practicalarduino.com/projects/weather-station-receiver

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I just picked up a La Crosse WS2355 as used by the Practical Arduino guys, so I'll get myself a 433Mhz receiver and start playing with the code!

Cheers, Peter

I have a ecomonic wireless temperature sensor solution to introduce to you. It is based on 433MHz. It is easy to intergrate with. Just need to solder 18b20 with the transmitter module RF5151. If you want to know more, pls check this link: http://www.appconwireless.com/NEWS/shownews.php?lang=en&id=13