Wireless Three-way handshake between 2 aduinos with nrf24l01

Hi there im currently doing a project where i need to communicate between two aduinos wirelessly. i have the devices communicating with each other but i would like to add a feature like the TCP handshake between the devices to ensure there is a connection between them before sending the data. This should also ensure that both devices are ready to receive the data. I really hope someone could really help me with this as I’m very new to programming and there is very little information out there about such technique.

Robin2 wrote a good tutorial for the rf24 radios that may have information on what yo want to do. When the receiver gets a message are there are no errors, the receiver returns an ack. You can add a message to the ack (ack payload).

And in my tutorial there is an example for a master and two slaves which may be relevant.