Wiring of arduino-breadboard-servo-9V battery

Hi guys,

I’m continuing a project of mine with servo motors.

I’m a total newbie when it comes to electronics, but I don’t want to ruin my board so here is what I’ve connected so far, please tell me what needs to be changed here for this to work.
I’m pretty sure some connection to the GND in the arduino is missing, but i’m not sure exactly how it should go and if anything else is missing as well.


I would be pretty surprised if an 006P 9V cell provided enough current for servo operation.

Servo power is connected backwards. Most hobby servos are 7.2 volts max for power, check the datasheet. Servo ground, battery ground and Arduino ground should all be connected together. +9V should go to Vin or the power input jack. A 9V transistor battery will not provide much current or last very long.

Hi i’m sorry but I guess the formulation of the answers is a bit confusing…

The servo is a 6V, why wouldn’t a 9V battery be sufficient? (evildave_666)

groundfungus - can you take a look at the image and say if the ground is connected correctly as you said?
From my view, the top row is +, bottom is -, so the red wire from the 9V is connected to - and the black to +, that’s why I think the servo ground IS connected to the battery ground… right?

also, i was powering the arduino through the USB port, so I was trying to use it for the servo only…
Generally you are saying that a 9V battery won’t last long, but why? you mean if it needs to power the servo+arduino or even if it powers only the servo…? And if it won’t last long, what is the best way to power the servo then… ?


The servo is a 6V, why wouldn't a 9V battery be sufficient? (evildave_666)

Using a voltage higher than the device rating can, and often will, destroy it.

So I need to buy a component for 1.5V AAA and join them together (1.5)*4 = 6V ? Is that the best way to guarantee a good function from the servo?

groundfungus - i would love to hear back your response about the image :slight_smile:


By convention, the positive wire is red and the negative is black so the red wire from the battery should go to the red (positive) wire of the servo. The grounds are all connected so once you get the battery connected right it should be good to go if you are powering the Arduino from USB. 4 AA batteries would be a good supply for the servo.

Thanks groundfungus! You clarified a lot of doubts!

So I need to buy a component for 1.5V AAA and join them together (1.5)*4 = 6V ? Is that the best way to guarantee a good function from the servo?

A holder for four AA cells would be better. Alkaline cells, too.

Great :slight_smile:

What is your recommendation once I detach the USB and want the arduino to work on it's own? In that case, I'll need 6V for the servo and 5V for the board, but 1.5 doesn't divide into 5...


I got the battery store for the 4*(1.5).

I am still not sure about the 5V the board itself needs, in terms of how to power it not from a USB.

For now if you can check the image I attached, assume the board is connected to USB, and the 4 batteries are actually just in 1 container not 2 (couldn’t find the icon in Frizing).

Is this the optimal setup for the servo?

Thanks! :slight_smile: