Wiring question: (ultrasonic sensor, LED strip, Digital pot) x 3

Hi! First post here. Need to check attached wiring!

I´m with this school project where three ultrasonic sensors read hand proximity, that info is then mapped to PWM pins to fade three LED strips rated at 12v, and three digital pots whit spi communication for audio control:

Sensor 1 → LED 1 & Digital pot 1.
Sensor 2 → LED 2 & Digital pot 2.
Sensor 3 → LED 3 & Digital pot 3.

I need some guidance regarding the connections, I already tested it with only one sensor, one led strip and one digital pot, and it was ok. Will everything be ok, no burning stuff and all that?
It´s the first time I wire more than one thing on the arduino, I´ve got until here looking other people´s projects, that´s why I am having this doubts.

Regarding the current:
Each LED strip has 16 little modules: each 0,75 w, total 12w per strip (1A)
The three LED strips add up to 3A
Three MCP41010 add up to 1,5mA
Three HC-SR04 add up to 45mA

Thanks in advance!

You would get more response if you posted a schematic instead of that stupid fritzing layout diagram. Engineers can read schematics and spot errors but in order to do that with a stupid fritzing layout diagram, they have to convert it into a schematic in their heads. Which is a) difficult and b) prone to error.

In Fritzing, if you click the tab to the right of the breadboard view, you'll get a circuit diagram of your project. I don't know how the tabs are labeled in your language, it should have a resistor symbol on it. Then make that diagram look pretty, and export it.