Won't give me a port choice , dev tty....

I just now bought this app. on-line for my Samusng Chromebook. I plug in the A G Uno and the app. mandates port # "dev.tty..." It will not let me change board choice. This system does not work as does the Arduino IDE off-line. Any suggestions as to how i can correct the port choice? Thx.

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Here's another hint. When trying to select a board choice, the choice, when clicked on does not got to the choice box. NOT to the choice box. Several clicks and copies are needed to put the board choice in the sketch. During this process a note is given : "Waiting for Facebook.com" . Still I am not given a COM port choice and am assigned "..dev.ttyXXX" X may be USB1 or some other designation which does not work .


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It seems that the chromebook create does not cope with clone Uno boards that don't work on port 1. I have tried several different boards on both chromebook and IDE on a windows10 pc. The common thread for boards that don't work on chromebook create is that on the windows IDE they choose port 4 rather than port 1. It seems that some of the Uno clones aren't quite compatible enough for chromebooks!