Workflow with personal library on Github

I'm making a library that will (at least for now) only ever be used by myself and one other person. I want to be able to make changes to said library and have it automatically be updated in the Arduino IDE. Same goes for the other user. I want them to be able to pull from the repository and have the changes present when they use the library in the IDE.

So obviously, I don't want to have to import a zip file every time, and I don't quite understand the file structure. Where would I put said library?

Thanks for any help.

If the other person gets the repo by downloading as a zip then that’s what they’ll have to do every time. If they clone the repo to their local machine then they can just pull from the repo on github and their local version will be updated.

Yeah, it's that easy. I had done something screwy with my library folder and thought the process was more involved than that.