Worried About Toasting My Due

As a newb with a new Due, I’d like to connect the popular stepper motor with 5 vdc test board module. It uses a ULN2003 driver, and the board # is 28BYJ-48. I know that the big warning on the Due boards is that you can’t put more than 3.3v. on an I/O port. What I don’t understand at all, though I’m embarrassed to admit it, will THIS test board and motor, because it’s 5 volts, toast my Due? I’ve read a lot trying to find this answer, but am a babe lost in the woods. Any help will place me in your debt. Thx…

that depends on the wiring of your motor, mine has a pwm wire, a 5v and a gnd. I just plug the 5 v to the 5v pin on my due, i ground it correctly, and use my arduino pin for the program.

it operates at 3.3v but the modulation is also way faster so the loss in voltage is recovered with the speed of the modulation.

I think you should be okay, but you always have to be careful with those 5V parts.

Thanks a million Tinker!!! I think I understand MOST of what you said. I appreciate your help much!!!

Joe walburn, athens, Ohio