Would like the Send Button for serial monitor on the new IDE

I just noticed today the Send button is no longer incorporated into the IDE 2.0 (Version: 2.0.0-beta.7) serial monitor (at least for the MAC version)

The keyboard shortcut is also less terse now (CMD + return vs just return on the old IDE)... but I also think the Send button is a good visual indicator of how to send data.

I know the help text is right in the send box, but it goes away once you type something and you're left searching for a button to send the values.

I would like if the button were still there. Just my two cents :slight_smile:

I also ran into this confusion. I didn't read the text in the input field before I started typing into it, and then spent quite some time pressing "Enter" and wondering why nothing happened.

We have an existing report about this here:

There is a plan for a major reworking of the Serial Monitor tracked here:

So hopefully we'll see a better user experience from the Arduino IDE 2.x Serial Monitor in an upcoming release.

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Awesome! Thanks for the reply!

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