write() vs send()...


I’m reading Simon Monk’s book Programming Arduino: Next Steps. In his chapter on the I2C protocol where he uses the Wire.h library, he uses both Wire.send() and Wire.write(). This caused me to wonder what the difference was. When I checked the Wire.h file I only saw the write() method (and only the read() method but not receive()).

I’ve seen a couple of statements on the web that write() has replaced send(), but nothing “official”. Further, the link below from the Arduino site only mentions send() and receive()…


I’m confused.


I have not tried this, however, it should be simple to try writing some code to test things out.


It changed when version became 1.0.0 I think. Looking at the source code is often the best way to answer questions like this.

When you compile your code, the IDE will also tell you it has changed and give you the opportunity to change it.

Thank you all for your prompt replies!