Writing Code for non addressable RGB Led Strip

Hello i have a led strip that uses regular non addressable rgb leds.
The usb controller that came with it uses an Atmel IC and another 14 pin ic that communicate using the I2C bus. I have not decoded the messages but using a logic analyzer i extracted the pulses that go in the Red Green and blue lines.
Note that the the connections are 5V , Blue , Red ,Green ... meaning that to light up the red leds you tie the Red pin to ground.

I cannot find a way to post the output of the logic analyzer. The mode i want to replicate is the color fading mode where one color fades slowly to another
Example from green to blue and have all the colors in between.

So, these are non-addressable analog LEDs? Do they include the current-limiting resistors? If so, I’d think you could use 3 MOSFETs to controllably pull the R, G, B lines to ground. Drive the MOSFET gates with three separate PWM outputs from an Arduino board. Then write a program to implement pattern you want.