Wrong on website: Arduino Mini Pro - FTDI

I connected my MINI Pro to the FTDI Basic Breakout Board in teh way shown on the website: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoProMini

Ans I found out that the FTDI ist connected in the wrong way on the picture, it must be connected in the other direction.

The side with the "parts" must be turnd to the MINI Boars side, must not face the edge.

Please check this and change the picture if I am right.


To be clear, you're referring to the FTDI Breakout from SparkFun, the red board in the lower picture. Looks like you're right and the lower picture is wrong. I've never gone by the "color coding" and always by the function labels on the boards. I used an angled header on my Pro Mini and with this, all components are topside on both boards.

(If using that board for a 5V/16MHz Pro Mini, you need to make a patch on that board to support 5V USB supply instead of 3.3V FTDI supply.)

Yes I am referring to the lower picture...

So if I am right may ba someone can at least add a comment that the picture is wrong?!

Sorry I am quite new here and I do not know who is responsible for the website.

It seems that the Arduino MINI Pro are labled wrong.

If I look at the pin descriptions the FTDI should be connected like it is on the website but it only works when it put it on the other way round.

I tried to use the power pins only and found out that the pins of the FTDI are right but I have to connect them to the GRN and RXI to power it.

WHat is going on here?