xbee to multiple individual xbees hardware adressi

I have an arduino with xbee shield that needs to rapidly send values wirelessly to 30 individual other arduinos via xbee. Each one needs to be individually adressable and I would like to perform the address decoding at the hardware level. If all other address parameters in the XBEEs are the same then should I just program each xbee with a different unique MY address that is less than 0xFFFF? If this is the case, how do I get my master arduino to rapidly change which xbee it is talking to? Do I always need to enter (or stay in) command mode so that it can constantly change the DL value to match the MY address of the target xbee?

The XBee library uses the API mode, no need to go into command mode. Do you want to broadcast to everyone and then log individual replies, or selectively reply back to certain XBee's?

I want to selectively send to certain xbees. This way every time messages are sent from my master xbee+arduino, the other receiving arduinos are only disturbed when the message is actually for them (if the message address decoding is done at the hardware level in the xbee modules)

I would set the 16 bit address to AAAA on the master and then set your remotes to AAAB, AAAC, AAAD and so on.

Then to send to one of those, (AAAB) for example.

// 16-bit addressing: Enter address of remote XBee, Tx16Request tx = Tx16Request(0xAAAB, payload, sizeof(payload));

any Luck intellijel, I am trying to do the same thing

Yeah, any luck? I'm trying to do the same thing. I'm also trying to send to groups of xbees. I'm thinking I'm just going to broad cast to all of them and have the arduino decode if the message is meant for them or not by including some kind of header in the message.