XBOX 360 controller


I am trying to use a (usb XBOX 360 Controller) connected to pc to send commands to the arduino board through the ( arduino usb cable)
is there a way to capture the XBOX 360 controller commands and interpret them as serial data to send to the arduino ?

(XBOX 360)====USB====>(LAP-TOP)=====USB=====>(arduino)

thank you.

First off, stop the random () thingies! It's so annoying:

use a (usb XBOX 360 Controller) connected

Ok, now down to the issue. There are ways to read and record the data. I don't know any specific ones off the top of my head, but it's possible.

You might be able to get it done using Processing, or look into using C++ and SDL.

You need a software running on the computer that interprets the controller and sends commands to the arduino in a format of your choice.

Since the 360 controller is USB would it be possible to USB straight to the arduino with the proper coding or is that not even going to be possible?

Arduino has an USB connector, but does not implement the protocol. It is still serial.