Xbox controller support

Im new Is it possible to use a xbox 360 controller to control a arduino and for the arduino to then control a lets say a RC car. (note not the wired xbox controller but the wireless one that uses the wireless receiver.) wireless range m$ says 30 feet but i can do more even though walls controller drives can be found here so basically i want to have a arduino and the usb wireless receiver on the RC car (e-max) and let it be controlled by the xbox 360 controller. so it needs to run the receiver then tell what the servos and motor controller what it needs to do. NOTE: xbox controller has headset support this can be useful for other peoples robot projects to have lots of controls and have the ability to have mic in and speakers out on the bot and there are tilt mods for the controller if your want tilt abilitys

The E-maxx has 2 servors one steering and the other for gear 1 and gear2 selection (2 speed modes) and a motor controler ( has the 2 motors and 2 battie packs on it and use the same plug type as a servo)

wouldn't you need to emulate what the XBOX does with the controller but with the Arduino? The XBOX sees controllers as USB HID devices. (meaning, you need to make the arduino a USB HOST for the HID devices) Major uphill climb ahead, I think.

I've been toying with ideas on how to do this too.

Current thinking is maybe couple the Arduino with an OpenWRT wireless router which has a USB port (running a port of the Linux drivers. The router could then forward on the data to the Arduino.

If you google on "xboxdrv linux" the first link should be a link to the XBox360 driver.