XL6009 Buck/Boost module

I'm having a problem with the buck boost module mentioned in the title. I got it from aliexpress (yeah I know, unreliable electronics) and it worked fine at first, but after use it stopped working, and I'm not sure why.
I have two of them and somehow I broke both of them, but they have different symptoms I guess. My guess is both of them broke because of too high current, but here are the problems:

The first one can still output a steady voltage like normal, but whenever I connect a load, the indicator light turns off and it stop outputting, and when I disconnect the load it turns back on. Now usually I would consider the fact that my power supply isn't cutting it, but when I connect the motor (which I used as the load) directly to the output of the bms from my battery pack, it starts spinning like normal, and it doesn't look like it needs more current.

The second one also turns off when I connect a load (on this one the light starts dimming even when I just connect the multimeter to the output to measure the voltage..), but I also can't get it to output more than 4.5 volts (the battery pack is a fully charged 2s pack. so around 8.0 - 8.1V).

I know some of these boards can have a problem with the diodes used (SS34), but I checked both diodes on both boards and they seem to work fine. There is also no visible damage to the boards. The BMS isn't the problem either, I tried connecting the converter straight to the battery pack.

When I was using them to power the motors, they were outputting around 7V, and the motors probably dont draw more than 200-300 mA when running, and even the starting current shouldn't be too big of a problem, since I saw videos where people used even bigger loads with the same board.

Also if anyone bought any similar board from ebay/aliexpress/insert chinese tech site and they had good experience with it, I'd like it if you left a name or link, thanks.