What is the score with an Xmega Arduino? I have found a few general purpose dev boards with xmega on but no sign of an arduino compatible one???

The Xmega has had a chequered history with reliability and supply problems, maybe that's why nobody has been keen to design an Arduino-compatible board.


Yeah the Xmega seems like a victim of.... something. Probably its early-day supply problems combined with the presence of ARM for higher-end options (although Arduino-wise, it's not like the Due is out yet... but ARM seems like a more appropriate use of the arduino team's effort than Xmega)

I'm part of a development team that is creating an XMEGA Powered, Arduino Compatible Dev Board.

Our website is www.myownduino.com

We are trying to get the project funded through Kickstarter. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/myownduino/sirduino-a-xmega-powered-arduino

http://code.google.com/p/xmegaduino/ kind of old, based on .18

That project has been moved to here https://github.com/akafugu/Xmegaduino

Its based on 1.0.1

handy, as I happen to have a small handful of xmega's still in tape looking for a thing to go on

Yeah, old thread, not much activity. I'll post anyway, for posterity at least.

I recently added a github project for some code I developed nearly a year ago.

http://github.com/XMegaForArduino - XMega For Arduino github site

It already supports ATXMega64d4, and I'm working on support for ATXMega16e5, ATXMega32e5, ATXMega128A1, and ATXMega128A1U.

it folds into the arduino IDE without having to modify the IDE code, basically copy the files into the hardware/arduino tree (or use symlinks) and apply patches to 'boards.txt' and 'avrdude.conf' as needed to support the hardware. Includes compiler+tools patches for (older) FreeBSD ports, and the associated web page has debian and ubuntu packages for similar tools. I will be working on patches for more updated versions of gcc, binutils, and libc , particularly for e5 support.