YUN See Commands send via Bridge


for a better understand of the bridge library I would like to see which commands are send from the AVR to the Linux System. For example: In my sketch I make a new Process Curl and add Some Parameters

Process Curl;
 Curl.addParameter("-d name=value");;

Now i would like to see what the Linio receives. I made already a SSH Session to the YUN via Putty. Is it possible to see the commands in this SSH session. How?



Perhaps by asking in the Yun part of the forum.

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you can always look at the Process.cpp file (available under libraries/Bridge)

void Process::begin(const String &command) {
  cmdline = new String(command);

void Process::addParameter(const String ¶m) {
  *cmdline += "\xFE";
  *cmdline += param;

void Process::runAsynchronously() {
  uint8_t cmd[] = {'R'};
  uint8_t res[2];
  bridge.transfer(cmd, 1, (uint8_t*)cmdline->c_str(), cmdline->length(), res, 2)

the communication occurs over the HardwareSerial line; you can probably just look at the YunBridge python scripts to see where it collects the data and how it processes it.

Leuk: Maybe a moderator moves the topic for me?!


Leuk, currently it's not possible to see which command the linux side receives. However, they are exactly what you typed in the sketch, nothing more