Yun temperature web panel example


I just got the temperature web panel example up and running and am trying to modify it for my project.

I'm wondering how I can change the address TemperatureWebPanel to something like testwebpage. I created a new sketch titled testwebpage and I deleted the TemperatureWebPanel folder on the sd card which was created by uploading the example sketch. When I try this no such equivalent folder is created on the sd card. Am I missing something important here? I imagine if I can do such a thing I could navigate to arduino.local/sd/testwebpage and see the same site.

I noticed that if I leave the TemperatureWebPanel folder on the sd card I can copy the example sketch into the new sketch and make changes to it and it will work fine.

Thanks for any suggestions

You have to create a www folder in your sketch folder that contains the html pages.

To see an example, go in your IDE folder and then go to /libraries/Bridge/examples/TemperatureWebPanel/www/
and you will find the files that are uploaded to your Yun together with the sketch.