Yun with GPRS USB dongle


Is it possible to use a GPRS usb dongle on a Arduino Yun and use it transparently with Temboo?

Thank you! Tom

Hi Tom,

Yes, this should work just fine. As long as your Yún has a network connection then Temboo will work as if it is connected via wifi or ethernet cable.

I work at Temboo so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about Temboo as you get started.

Good luck with your project, Cormac

Hi Cormac,

That is really great!
Can we use every dongle or what is your advice?


Hi Tom,

I don't have any specific advice about which GPRS dongle to get, but any one that gives you a network connection will enable you to work with Temboo.

Best, Cormac