0.96" I2C OLED power inputs

I have two different type of OLED displays some have GND, VCC, SCL, SDA in that order.

However I have some that have VCC, GND, SCL, SDA in that order, as you can see GND and VCC are swapped.

The ones with VCC first have a larger "glass" area and can display the top line in yellow.

What is the difference between the two types? I have been shipped both types in the past and don't no how to describe them, are they the same but one just has yellow for the top line?


A 1.3 inch one is probably SH1106
An 0.96 inch one is probably SSD1306

Life is much easier if you post links to the actual displays e.g. Ebay sale

Photos of the pcb are more informative than the front view of the screen.
Make sure that the Ebay link shows accurate photos. Ebay shops often lie.


sorry I forgot to say they are both SSD1306 as they work with all the well known library's.
if it helps this is a link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/0-96-I2c-IIC-Serial-Oled-LCD-LED-Module-128X64-for-Arduino-Display-Raspberry-RB/183492450519?hash=item2ab90098d7:m:mSCNcb3qlheuOsxKYq-DVgg:rk:8:pf:0

and here is another with ground and supply reversed (or different)

hope this helps but I only use the forum when I'm left scratching my head sorry if this is not the right protocol but I do try

here is a vendor who supply's both, but no mention of different pinouts 0.96" I2C 4PIN 128X64 OLED IIC Serial LCD LED SSD Display White Yellow Blue | eBay

Go on. The first two links seem to have the same pcb just with different coloured resist.

The third link has lots of displays with round holes. And one photo with oblong holes and swapped VCC/GND.
The fourth link appears to be the same as link #3.

You have never said which link matches the displays on your desk. e.g. photo #N on link #M

The round hole displays look like SSD1306. I suspect the oblong hole display is SH1106.
THere are subtle differences between SSD1306 and SH1106.


Yes your right it was hidden in plane sight, I see the difference if you type in"SSD1306" into Amazon you get vendors that offer the round hole ones, ssd1306 and the oblong hole ones which must be the sh1106 this could catch people as it did me, I have both types at home at the moment. The reason this first came to my attention was when I started to play with KICAD and nearly ordered a bunch of boards with power pins wrong.

I am quite supprised that little refence to this can be found but thanks for looking a bit deeper and sorting it out, the clue was the mounting holes, which i never gave a thought. Hopefully someone will read this and check the footprint of there little Oled's because they might be wrong. Both seem to functoin exactly the same just power swaped over.